This book in the history of psychoanalysis investigates C. G. Jung's psychotherapeutic technique of active imagination, a state of consciousness in which images from the unconscious are brought to the surface and expressed in a number of forms - painting, writing, sculpting - to help the individual work through and give form to psychological energy released during the process of individuation. As a case study, this research highlights the life work of Tina Keller, a physician who was intimately involved with the technique of active imagination while in analysis with Jung (1915-1924) and his primary associate, Toni Wolff (1924-1928). All research materials are investigated through an examination of primary documents, both published and unpublished, in English and German. The book includes chapters on a contemporary approach to historiography in psychology, a review of Jung's statements on active imagination, psychotherapeutics at the turn of the 20th century, and finally, on Tina Keller's analyses with Jung and Wolff. Anyone interested in a historical approach to Jung studies will find this book interesting and illuminating."

Hallo, es sieht so aus, als ob Sie sich für das Buch C.G. Jung and Active Imagination interessieren. Dieses Buch wurde von von Autor Wendy Swan verfasst und hat ausgezeichnete Rezensionen und kostet normalerweise etwa 18,98 EUR. Auf dieser Site,, haben wir eine PDF-Version dieses Buches C.G. Jung and Active Imagination. Wenn Sie das PDF kostenlos herunterladen möchten, klicken Sie unten auf den Download-Button.


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